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Ammonite wall by Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs. Entrance hall to Holly, Ash and Willow Ward development - Scarborough Hospital.
Glass etching. Reflects the design of the adjacent Ammonite wall in the safety etching of door glass. Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs. Holly, Ash and Willow Ward development - Scarborough Hospital.
Swallows in flight across a map of the local area. Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs.
Link Corridor, Holly Ward. A variety of ceramic fish and tiles. Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs.
Fish. Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs.
The etching reflects the chemical composition of the North Sea and reveals a set of ceramic tiles of local species and three furled flags from the masts of local fishing boats reflecting Scarborough's maritime history. Lesley Fallais and Les Biggs.
Fabric Art. Part of a larger piece by Marie Brett who worked as an artist in residence with the Maternity Unit.
Fused Glass by local artist Rachel Welford. Objects including pieces of metal and wire are sandwiched between sheets of glass which are then heated and fused. The product of one of our earliest residencies.
Poster explaining the work of Heads Together, a Leeds based arts group, who installed a sound system in one of the main link corridors in Scarborough that plays a 4 hour compilation of Scarborough Sounds starting with the morning chorus in Forge Valley and ending with closing time in Town.
One of a set of three prints produced by Helen Kozich as part of a residency within the Operating Theatres. The three prints reflect the work of the theatres, the central sterile supplies unit that supports them and the theatre staff.
A workshop in a local school run by one of our artists in residence, Sian Hughes. The collaboration with pupils resulted in some of the pupils work being included in the finished installation at Malton Hospital.
Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt, saw work by Jane Poulton on a recent visit to Malton Hospital. This project included designs for flooring, glass etching and gardens as well as a number of pieces similar to those seen here.

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