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Since 1999, hafney has helped fund and administer more than 30 specific projects. These have included:-

  • The Arts provision for major new buildings such as the Holly, Ash and Willow Ward development, the new Gastroenterology Department, Midwifery Led Maternity Unit and Maple Ward at Scarborough, and the Fitzwilliam Ward Redevelopment at Malton, where the artists have worked in close co-operation with the architects and developers to incorporate their designs in the fabric of the building as well as providing individual pieces for the finished buildings.
  • A series of more than 20 artist's residencies spread throughout the area's hospitals which have resulted in the production of more than 150 separate works for the hospitals including paintings, photographs, fabric art and tapestry, stained glass, fused glass sculpture, ceramic and metal sculptural plaques and a sound installation.
  • As well as the working with patients and staff of the hospitals, we have also developed links with local schools and colleges. As a result the pupils of some local schools have had the opportunity to work with a professional artist in developing ideas for pieces for the hospital and some have seen their own pieces become part of the finished scheme.
  • Students on Fine Arts Courses at a number of local colleges have provided pieces for their local hospitals as part of a Public Art segment of their course work and a number of those pieces have subsequently been purchased or donated to the hospital concerned.
  • Live musical performances on rehabilitation and long stay wards. These have proved extremely popular with patients, staff and relatives.
  • A number of specific purchases/commissions from local artists

Artists who have worked with hafney include:

Les Biggs, Lesley Fallais, Heads Together, Ailsa Magnus, Alan Pergusey, Andrew Pepworth, Helen Kozich, Karen Rann, Marie Brett, Rachel Welford, Sally Gatie, Janet Teboskett, Jenny Cowern, Leonard Hodgson, Philip Turner, Sharon Winters, Sian Hughes, Helen Ward, Liz Collier, Noelle Francis, Jane Brunning, Vivienne Mousdell, Heather Gatt, Ann Aveyard, Jane Poulton, Liz Toole, Colleen Ellington, Christine Heath, Dominic Pote, David Stephenson, Jacky Oliver, Rachel Gretton, Katie Gill, Kath Schicker and Quentin Blake.

Future Plans

As well as continuing to fund and manage the provision of new art works for the local hospitals, we wish to continue to use the arts project to develop the ties between the local health service and the wider community by organising further joint projects  with local schools and spreading the arts project into other settings such as GP surgeries and local clinics.
In the longer term, we would like to be able to provide workshop space within one of the hospitals for the use of visiting artists.